4th Wisconsin Volunteers 2nd Lt. George Robert Hughes - 99th USCT

I have dedicated this site to my great great grandfather George Robert Hughes who served in the Fourth Wisconsin along with his brother Eleazer Hughes, brother in-laws Warren Perley Knowles and Charles Giles Knowles

In the spring of 1861 George enlisted with his brother, Eleazer Mather Hughes into the Hudson City Guards. They both then enlisted into Company G of the 4th Wisconsin Volunteer Veteran Infantry from Hudson, Wisconsin. Eleazer was taken prisoner while on picket outside of Baton Rouge in 1863. George served as a Private from April 20, 1861 to January 24, 1864, when Gen. Banks commissioned him as a Second Lieutenant in the 15th Colored Regiment assigned to the 19th Corps of the Department of the Gulf, then reassigned to Company D, 99th U.S.C.T.

This site contains a roster from the catalog which my great great grandfather had in his possesion. An image of the catalog can be seen on the left. I have created a database which contains information from the catalog. The database is searchable and if a search is successful, will provide information about a soldier exactly this way it was printed in the catalog in 1864.

Below is a quote from Newton H. Chittenden.

"This history and catalogue, is published particularly for the benefit of the regiment and its friends, and is as correct as can be made from its records, though in the large number of names and dates, there are doubtless some errors. The history is necessarily brief in a record of this kind, without details or enlargement-the catalogue is given complete, showing the present and all gains and losses from the organization of the regiment June, 1861 to March, 1864, exclusive of recruits in depots."

N.H. Chittenden
Adjt 4t Wis. Cavalry.
Baton Rouge, La., March 10th, 1864.

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