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Veteran Volunteer Sergeant George Hill enlisted in Company "I", 4th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry on June 1, 1861 at Sparta, Wisconsin.

He was recruited by Captain John W. Lynn and enlisted for 3 years.

He was mustered July 2, 1861 at Racine, Wisconsin as a Corporal.

He was 27 years old, single, had gray eyes, dark brown hair, a light complexion, was 5' 8" and listed his occupation as "soldier".

Hill was from Neilsville, Clark County, Wisconsin.

Staring on August 13, 1862 Hill was on duty at the Post Bakery located on Ship Island near New Orleans until November of 1862. He was engaged in this same duty at Carrollton until February of 1863 whereafter he returned to regular duty with the regiment.

Hill reenlisted as a Veteran Volunteer on January 1, 1864 at Baton Rouge, Louisiana (by Lt. G.C. Pierce). He was mustered on February 14, 1864.On April 8, 1864 he went home on a Veteran Furlough.

He was promoted to Sergeant on December 30, 1864.

In February of 1865 he was detached for duty with the Brigade Ambulance Corps until August of 1865. Hill was transferred to Company "A" on August 23, 1865 and was on detached duty at Brigade Headquarters. In September of 1865 he was on detached duty with the Brigade Commisary. (Sgt stripes can be seen on sleeve)

Source: Mike Thorson