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First Name:
John W.
Last Name:
Rank at Enlistment:
Rank at Discharge:
Veteran Volunteer:

Additional Information:

Veteran Volunteer Private John W. Wheeler enlisted in Company "I", 4th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry on July 2, 1861 at Racine, Wisconsin. He was recruited by Captain John W. Lynn and enlisted for 3 years. He was mustered July 2, 1861 at Racine, Wisconsin. He was 21 years old, single, had blue eyes, light brown hair, a light complexion, was 5' 7 3/4" and listed his occupation as "soldier".

Walker was from Fiatt, Illinois. His enlistment was credited to Madison, Wisconsin, Dane County.

Wheeler reenlisted as a Veteran Volunteer on January 1, 1864 at Baton Rouge, Louisiana (by Lt. G.C. Pierce). He was mustered on February 14, 1864. On April 8, 1864 he went home on a Veteran Furlough

Wheeler was transferred to Company "A" on August 23, 1865.

Wheeler was in the Hospital in February of 1866 and was sent back to Wisconsin on March 14, 1866 to recover. Because of this no formal discharge was given.

Source: Mike Thorson & Jeff Stevens