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David A.
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Wounded at Port Hudson

Veteran Volunteer Corporal David A. Seeley enlisted in Company "I", 4th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry on July 2, 1861 at Sparta, Wisconsin.

He was recruited by Captain John W. Lynn and enlisted for 3 years.

He was mustered July 2, 1861 at Racine, Wisconsin.

He was 22 years old, single, had blue eyes, dark hair, a light complexion, was 5' 10" and listed his occupation as "soldier".

On November 4, 1861 at Baltimore, Maryland he was sick and temporarily left his Company. In April, 1863 he was sick in the hospital at Baton Rouge. Seeley was credited, in writing, as having participated in the battles of Baton Rouge, Louisiana on August 5, 1862, Bonnet Carre Church on October 8, 1862, Grand Gulf Mississippi in June of 1862, Camp Bisland Louisiana on April 12 + 13, 1863, Port Hudson Louisiana May 27, 1863, Clinton Louisiana June 3, 1863, and Port Hudson Louisiana June 14, 1863.

At the Battle of Port Hudson on June 14, 1863 he was wounded in the lungs, dangerously. He stayed in the hospital at New Orleans after the battle until August when he was in the hospital at Baton Rouge.

From September, 1863 through January, 1864 he was still in the hospital at Baton Rouge.

He was listed as "sick", so it is not clear if he was still recovering from his wound, his wound lead to his sickness, or if he contracted an illness not related to his wound.

He reenlisted as a Veteran Volunteer sometime before April, 1864. On April 8, 1864 he went home on Veteran Furlough.

Seeley was transferred to Company "A" on August 23, 1865. In November, 1865 he was listed as "Acting Post Sutler" and was promoted to Corporal. He was mustered out with his Company on May 28, 1866.

Source: Mike Thorson